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Privacy Policy

1. OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is engaged in the development and sale of home- and professional-use healthcare devices and medical equipment, and health management software, as well as the provision of health promotion services and other healthcare-related business activities. As such, the Company aims to build and maintain trust with customers, business partners, suppliers, employees (including retirees), and other stakeholders. As part of its efforts to achieve this goal, the Company is committed to strictly protecting personal information collected and used by the Company through the implementation of the following privacy policy and promoting the education and training of information security management for its employees.

1.1.     The Company collects, uses, and provides personal information only to the extent necessary to sustain its business activities listed above and within the scope of its business.

1.2.     The Company makes use of personal information only within a scope appropriate to the purpose of use the individual to whom the information pertains has been notified of in advance. The Company takes measures to prevent any use of personal information outside of such scope.

1.3.     The Company implements strict security measures to prevent illegal access, damage or loss and leakage of personal information, and takes corrective actions in the case such a problem occurs.

1.4.     The Company responds to personal information-related inquiries and complaints within a reasonable period of time.

1.5.     Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the point of contact which has been notified to the individual in advance or the Personal Information Protection Administrative Office posted on the OMRON HEALTHCARE website.

1.6.     The Company strictly observes all applicable Japanese laws, guidelines, and internal regulations regarding the handling of personal information.

1.7.     The Company strives to continuously improve its personal information protection management system.

1.8.     Ayumu Okada, president and CEO of OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., is the chief executive responsible for the protection of personal information.


2. This Privacy Policy was established on October 2, 2000, and last updated on June 1, 2017.

3. Inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to:
Personal Information Protection Administrative Office (Personal Information Protection Management Representative)
Phone: 0120-06-6041



Definition of “Personal Information”

By “personal information,” the Company refers to information pertaining to a specific individual and by which an individual is or could be identified (including information that cannot identify an individual but could easily be associated with other personally identifiable information). Such information may be in the form of written or printed text, symbols, images, sounds, and data processed or stored in computers or other digital or electronic devices. Specifically, personal information includes, but is not limited to, names, ages, telephone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, company names, information regarding products or services purchased, and details of inquiries to the Company.


Usage of Personal Information

The Company collects personal information to the extent necessary for the Company, its affiliates, or other business partners to provide the products and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “products, etc.”) that customers have purchased or requested. Whenever personal information is collected through direct input or through input using electromagnetic media, the Company will notify the individual to whom the information pertains of the intended purpose of use for which the information is being collected. Personal information collected through other means will only be used for the following purposes:

A. Provision of products, etc., provision of information and announcements regarding servicing, inspection, maintenance, and installation, and execution thereof

B. Execution of the Company’s business activities, including research, planning, marketing, development, production, sales, and others, and provision of information and announcements regarding products, etc., and other related information

C. Management of contracts related to the provision of products, etc., and other business activities

D. Announcement and operation management of campaigns, exhibitions, and other events related to products, etc., and business activities (including prize shipping)

E. Provision and forwarding of promotional materials, such as product literature, CD-ROMs, and samples related to products, etc.

F. Response to various inquiries (including identity verification for the individuals concerned and parties acting on their behalf)

G. With respect to the purchasers’ information collectedby telephone and faxes and through Internet shopping malls (such as Yahoo, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.),


G.1.     Sales management

G.2.     Response to inquiries

G.3.     Request for questionnaires

G.4.     Provision of information, announcements, operation management and execution of campaigns and events (including drawing lots, prize forwarding and shipping)

G.5.     Announcements regarding products and servicesin the medical and healthcare business (including contents and handling of such products and services) and announcements regarding inspection, maintenance, servicing, and installation, and execution thereof

G.6.     Planning, marketing, development (including development of systems and applications), production, promotion, sales and any contingent operations regarding other medical and healthcare devices and services

G.7.     Providing personal information to third parties after processing it into an anonymized form by which an individual is not or could not be identified or into statistical information excluding its correspondence relationship with an individual items include those related to products and services of third parties and are not limited to the Company’s products and services)

G.8.     Provision of personal information to third parties as follows


G.8.1.     Recipients: OMRON Corporation and OMRON HEALTHCARE MARKETING Co., Ltd.

G.8.2.     Purposes of use by Recipients: Purposes of use set forth in (i) through (vii) above

G.8.3.     Information to be provided to Recipients: General information of purchasers provided to the Company

G.8.4.     Method of providing information to Recipients: Transmissionto Recipients’ Internet terminals via Internet connection, etc.

G.8.5.     Requests for suspension of supply to Recipients should be directed to:
- Person in charge of OMRON Healthcare Store


H. The Company will not use any personal information for purposes other than those listed above without the consent of the individual(s) concerned (unless otherwise specified by the applicable laws or ordinances). The Company may share necessary items of the personal information supplied by an individual with business subcontractors or partners with whom the Company has concluded a nondisclosure agreement or the like. However, the Company will not supply or disclose personal information to any third party other than the above without the consent of the individual(s) concerned (unless otherwise specified by applicable laws or ordinances). The provision of personal information is voluntary. However, please note that the supply of insufficient or incorrect information may disable the use of products, etc., in part or in whole, or cause other inconvenience to the individual(s) concerned.