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Carbon Neutrality Project

Matsusaka Office’s Initiatives

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OMRON working to realize a sustainable society

OMRON Healthcare’s mission is “To help realize healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.”

It reflects our desire to be a company friendly to the Earth and to help the global environment to stay sound and healthy together with our efforts to protect people’s health.

For turning our desire into reality,

we are making efforts toward achieving carbon neutrality so essential in combating climate change, one of the most critical challenges we face as we strive to achieve a sustainable society.

OMRON’s Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

Our carbon neutrality-oriented efforts target net zero CO2 emissions. We reduce energy use to lessen CO2 emissions, create clean, carbon-free energy, and absorb CO2 remaining even after these steps.


Achieving carbon neutrality, first of all, requires reducing energy consumption. And using less energy generally results in reduced production volume and that in turn makes it difficult to grow our business. That explains why we focus on energy productivity.

Energy productivity

Energy productivity is a measure of how efficiently energy is used to increase production even as the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process is reduced. We boost energy productivity because it lets us strive to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while expanding our business. OMRON Healthcare employs various initiatives to meet the challenge of boosting energy productivity.

“All in half”

This refers to reducing the time, space, distance, inventory, and virtually everything relating to production by half. It is the base that supports our drive to reduce energy use and also increase production, in our efforts to improve energy productivity.



Creating clean energy with solar power generation

Solar energy is one of the most typical renewable energies. Energy generated by solar panels installed on the Matsusaka Office building roof is used to power the office. A plan shortly to be executed is building a solar power plant outside the Matsusaka Office for supplying electricity for use in the office. Our aim is to realize carbon neutrality through various approaches to create energy.


Saving vibrant forests together with the municipality

Carbon neutrality also requires forests that can absorb greenhouse gases. Matsusaka City in Mie Prefecture, home to the Matsusaka Office, has forests accounting for some 70% of the city’s incorporated area. Collaborating with the municipal government, we promote “green circulation” in ways that we can.

Mie’s “Kizukai Declaration” business entity

The Matsusaka Office is an officially registered member of Mie Prefecture’s “Kizukai Declaration” program that promotes using timber from Mie Prefecture and Forest Stewardship Council-certified timber. Going forward, we will continue working to preserve healthy forests in a spirit of coexistence and coprosperity with the local community.

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